Growing To Help Internship Program

Growing to Help is a youth-led non-profit organization, their goal is to promote organizations that can make a positive impact on society. They're recruiting officer's in the following department.

  1. Project Management Department 
  2. Public Relation Department 
  3. Human Resources Department 
  4. Social Media Management Department 
  5. Graphic Designer 
  6. Content Writer 

Location: Online 


1. Chance to work with an amazing team.

2. Chance of being a director of your respected department, if they see enough dedication.

3. Skills development and chance to build a great community.

4. Recognition certificate

5. Letter Of Recommendation



1. Officers must sincerely and faithfully perform their assigned duties and responsibilities.

2. Since our work is primarily based on digital medium, officers must be active on social media platforms and share our posts

Eligible Regions: Open for all


Application Deadline: October 3, 2021

Application Process:

Apply through the Apply Now link:

Apply Now 

Official Link

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