The 23rd ASEF Summer University (ASEFSU23) is a 3-month long interdisciplinary Hackathon journey for young Asians & Europeans on “Liveable Cities for a Sustainable Future”.

Taking place between September and November 2021 (3 program blocks, 2 weeks each), the Summer University connects young hackers, designers,  innovators, urban planners and SDG experts from 51 countries to collaborate & develop urban solutions in three of the most populated countries in ASEM: Bangladesh, India & Pakistan.

Location: It's a virtual problem-solving event.


  • Leadership! Show & train your Team Leadership skills in this intercultural, virtual context.
  • Sustainable Impact! Play your role towards Sustainable Urbanisation by transforming ideas into concrete impactful solutions in your country.
  • Network! Build up your network of innovators & experts for future partnerships & collaborations.
  • Certification! Receive a certification of participation by all partner universities, as well as microcredits from University College Cork (UCC).

  • A Citizen of either Bangladesh, India, or Pakistan
  • A Young Professional or Student between 18-30 years
  • A creator, designer, innovator, developer, or entrepreneur versatile in digital solutions
  • Experienced in Hackathons, Innovations, or other human-centered design-related events, either as a participant, resource person, or organizer.
  • Confident in guiding intercultural teams virtually
Eligible Regions: Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan

Application deadline: September 6, 2021

Application process:

Apply through the Apply now link below:


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