Exploring STEM through Coding

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STEM FEST 2021 is started.“Exploring STEM through Coding" is a “Four days extravaganza” celebrating the drastic change of STEM education in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in Bangladesh. STEM CLUB Bangladesh is a platform where we are focusing on education equality and equity where no students should fall back due to geolocation setbacks and school facilities lacking in quest of preparing for the fourth industrial revolution and upcoming challenges and changes.

This time they are aiming to expand Arduino, IoT, and Scratch programming learning through competition. The campaign is arranged to stimulate the participants to step out of their traditional studies, be updated with STEM, and create awareness towards “Digital Bangladesh: VISION 2021”. Our campaign is powered by ANTT Robotics Ltd.

1. There will be three themes to compete on which are for school & college students. They will first provide you boot camp, where you will learn about how to solve code in particular themes. Here, you will also get one-on-one mentoring sessions as well. Those Boot Camp & Mentoring sessions will be held on 10 September & 17 September, 2021. Again, there will be a Pitch Presentation workshop for the participants on 18 September, 2021.

2. The most exciting part of this event, the Competition. They will open the challenge after every Boot Camp & Mentoring session. Students will get limited time to solve those problems. Then you have to submit their work through our procedure on the same day. Again, a Pitch Presentation Competition will be held at the Winner Announcement Ceremony.

3. On the final day, they will announce the winner's name through our guests in our closing ceremony.

So don't wait! Join "STEM FEST 2021: Exploring STEM through Coding" immediately.

Location: Online 


1. Notional learning of Arduino, IoT, and Scratch Programming

2. Free STEM courses

3. Interaction with EXPERTS and LEADERS

Platform to present your ideas in our competition

4. Networking with different people

5. Many more


• School (Grade 6-10)

• College (Grade 11-12)

Eligible Region: Bangladesh 

Application Deadline: 24th September 2021

Application Process:

Apply through the Apply Now link

Apply Now

Official Link

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