Academy Ambassadors Program

Hello Guys! Academy Ambassadors Program plans to find Academy Ambassadors who are interested in both AI and Digital Marketing. The program is designed to assess participant’s strategy and communication skills in an interactive and spontaneous way. 

Work your way up the ranks to accelerate your career as a digital marketer and gain a chance to work with directly! Master the art of advertising through their Training Program. Why wait till graduation? Accelerate your Digital Marketing Career now!

- Set tasks assigned to participants
- Completion of tasks will earn cookies
- Cookies will be tracked and calculated        throughout the event.
- Earning cookies will increase rank
- Rewards gifted as you rank up


1. Quiz 
2. Community Building
3. Article Writing (optional) is the first AI Marketing Assistant in Bangladesh that specializes in campaign planning, creative and copy generation, A/B testing and Ad- spending optimization with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
To explain the idea in simple terms, is -
“Digital advertising on autopilot for businesses.”

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