DRMC Virtual National Science Carnival-2021

DRMC Virtual National Science Carnival-2021 is started. Participate now!!

Event Link: https://fb.me/e/29A4EhOYu

- Junior (Class VI-VIII)
- Secondary (Class IX-X)
- Senior (Class XI-XII)
- University

1. Project Profile Submission
2. Physics Olympiad
3. Chemistry Olympiad
4. Biology Olympiad
5. General Science Olympiad
6. Solo Quiz
7. Marvel VS DC Quiz
8. Poster Designing Competition

The Junior Group (Class VI-VIII) is confined to these events only:
* Project Profile Submission
* General Science Olympiad
* Solo Quiz
* Marvel VS DC Quiz

There will be separate competitions for the University Group in the following events:
* Marvel VS DC Quiz
* Poster Designing Competition


There will be three groups in this competition.
- Junior (Class VI-VIII)
- Secondary (Class IX-X)
- Senior (Class XI-XII)

a) Each project can have only one(1) members.
b) Project members are bound to submit their PowerPoint presentation before 
5th May, 6:00PM. 
The submission mail: drmcsc21@gmail.com
c) The 2 categories on which the projects will be judged are:
* Mechanical
* Non-mechanical
d) The projects will be divided into 3 categories:
* Junior (Class VI-VIII)
* Secondary (Class IX-X)
* Senior (Class XI-XII)
e) Participants are bound to follow any decision made by the authority of DRMC Science Club during the competition.

For More Details: https://www.facebook.com/drmc.science.club/photos/gm.1235080620241067/5521499391256732


There will be three groups in this competition.
- Junior (Class VI-VIII)
- Secondary (Class IX-X)
- Senior (Class XI-XII)

- Pre-registration will be available for the solo quiz.
- The competition will be a written exam.

Event Time:
All Groups: 4:00 PM, 6 May


For More Details:

Marvel VS DC Quiz:
This is a special fandom event for the Superhero lovers.

- This event is open for all.
- Online registration will be available for this event.
- This event will be open for school,college and University students.
- The event will be written round.
- This is a individual event.
- Questions will be set from both movies and comics.
Event Time: 
2:30 PM, 6 May



There will be three categories in this competition.
- Junior (Class VI-VIII)
- Secondary (Class IX-X)
- Senior (Class XI-XII)

- Online registration will be available for all the Olympiads.
- Each institution can send as many participants as they like.
- Answer papers will be provided by the organizers before each olympiad though digital link.

Event Time: 
General Science Olympiad (All Groups): 11:00 AM, 6 May
Physics Olympiad (All Groups): 12:00 PM, 6 May
Chemistry Olympiad (All Groups): 12:30 PM, 6 May
Biology Olympiad (All Groups): 1:30 PM, 6 May

General Science Olympiad:
Physics Olympiad:
Chemistry Olympiad:
Biology Olympiad:


"Poster is the best way to express ideas and manifestation to audience. The added bonus is that, it has a wide scope of variant creative practices, that allows to explore our hidden imaginations and to express our unique ideas."

Topic: Science, IT, Nature and Earth Based.

- Secondary (IX-X)
- Senior (XI-XII) 
- University

1. The theme of the poster should have a direct connection with the poster content.
2. Participants have to submit their designed poster in both PNG and JPG format. 
3. The designed poster must be submitted within the given time period. 

Deadline: May 5, 6:00 PM 

The submission mail: drmcscposterdesigning@gmail.com

4. The judge panel is autonomous and have complete authority over their final judgement. It's imperative to note that they won't be held accountable in any case. 
5. Any kind of plagiarism will result in instant disqualification.
6. The size of the file cannot be more than 15 megabytes (MB)

For further Information:
Rayed Zakwan (President): 01727885856
Mahi Sazzad (General Secretary): 01959310739
Shadman Hasib Srabon (Vice President): 01759644593
Miraz Al Tanvir (Vice President): 01875596872

Facebook page: 

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