SONGKOLPO Foundation Fall Internship 2021 in Dhaka

SONGKOLPO Foundation Fall Internship 2021 in Dhaka


SONGKOLPO Foundation is a youth-led non-profit organization that works for the underprivileged community of Bangladesh and it’s focusing on sustainable development. 

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SONGKOLPO Internship Program is designed to bring qualified and motivated youth people with diverse backgrounds into the organization to support the programs and department’s works of the organization.Their main goal is to give youth people the opportunity to improve their skills in a professional environment. They are looking for energetic and enthusiastic youth people who are committed to their societies without the expectation of any return and eager to take challenges and to improve themselves for their Internship Program.

Location: Bangladesh


• Opportunity to work for social initiatives.

• Opportunity to gain knowledge and skill development.

• Opportunity to work in a multicultural environment with diverse and talented youth from Bangladesh.

• Opportunity to network with experts and leaders from public, private, and civil institutions.

• Certificate of Appreciation on Successful Completion of Six months Internship Program.


• Enrollment in a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

• Experience of volunteering in Organizations or University clubs will be preferred.

• Must be a Dhaka resident.

• Able to work from the office.

• Able to bring a Laptop to the workplace.

Eligible Regions: Bangladesh

Application Deadline: October 8, 2021

Application Process: Apply through the Apply Now link:

Apply now:

Official link:


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