Multiple Scientific Society is recruiting Campus Ambassador

Are you ready!
Multiple Scientific Society is recruiting Campus Ambassador for their latest event MSS present Classic Redux 1.0. They are destined to act as the bridge between the participants and the event itself. Thus a Campus Ambassador will have to fulfill their roles perfectly even at the price of their souls, so that the event may turn out to be successful.


1.Patiently waiting for orders and not taking any actions by himself but only after receiving orders.
2.Working as the bond between the event and the participants.
3.Must bring at least 10 participants for the events from his/her side.

Location: online


1.Top 3 CA will get a ‘’Certificate of Honour’’ and they will get a chance to become a ‘‘Chief Correspondent’’ of ‘‘Multiple Scientific Society’’. A ‘‘Chief Correspondent’’ gets more priority to join our executive committee.of ‘‘Multiple Scientific Society’’. So, grab this precious opportunity. 

2.Every CA will get a ‘’Certificate of Appreciation’’ for his/her work. After the
event, we will recruit the ‘’Deputy Correspondent’’ from every division of the country. Those who will complete their duty as a CA will get more priority to become a ‘’Deputy Correspondent’’!!!



1.Capability of leading people to the pinnacle of glory

2.Strong presence in the social mediaverse.

Eligible Regions: Open for All

[N.B: You must select Campus Ambassador Form]

Registration last date-30th June

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