Youth School of Health and Hygiene is seeking Event Ambassador

Youth School of Health and Hygiene is seeking a reliable and enthusiastic EVENT AMBASSADOR to broaden their audience and educate the public regarding their organization. 

In this role, you will serve as the face and voice of their organisation to their audiences. Moreover, at events, describing the positives of Youth School of Health and Hygiene (YSHH). You must maintain a professional demeanor at all times, mainly when speaking to audiences or participants. When necessary, you may also engage with participants on social media and other online platforms as needed to raise brand awareness and generate new possibilities for their organization.

Event Details: 
Youth School of Health & Hygiene (YSHH) will be glad to inform you that they are arranging a campaign through photography competition "STORY OF MY FOOD HYGIENE: A Food Photography Competition''. This competition will be organized virtually. The mission of this event is to encourage food hygiene practice in the form of competition. The event will run from 05 May to 25 May.

Event Ambassador Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Bring events and activities to the attention of the general public.
2. Share all the posts of YSHH and actively promote the events.
3. Increase the number of likes and comments by inviting more people to participate.
4. Enhance the reach and publicity of participants.
5. Make people understand the events and activities.
6. When doing events, express an opinion on each post.
7. Motivate associates to take part.
8. Assist in sorting the contents of the event accurately.
1. Get an opportunity to work with one of the best youth organizations in Bangladesh.
2. Meet many experienced and professional people.
3. Obtain a certificate of completion.
4. For the best event ambassador, there is a 'Best event ambassador' award.
5. Get an opportunity to attend YSHH sessions, masterclasses, and workshops for free.
6. Chance to work with YSHH permanently.

Duration: 1 Month


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