What can you get for 9 USD?

A full-fledged online IMUN ✅
Online MUN training ✅
Expert session ✅
International networking ✅
UN-recognised certificates ✅

IMUN is a global UN simulation where student delegates from different countries present ideas on how to deal with social, political and economic challenges 

Since March 2020, over 50,000 participants from 140 countries have participated in online IMUN, making it one of the top model UN organisations in the world 

Best delegates get awards and all participants get special certificates recognised by the United Nations and Australian Embassy!

In-depth counselling, study guides, expert sessions on position papers as well as a FREE online MUN training are also included in the seminar package of $9 

Sign up for limited-time IMUN Memberships where you can attend 4 conferences for the price of two ($19 only), and get access to exclusive training sessions, MUN material, goodies and more✅

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